How to Know If a Soccer Jersey Is Authentic

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When people go to a sporting goods store, they see both authentic and replica jerseys. They often think that replicas are similar to knock offs of the real thing, but it is important to understand that they are not. Replica jerseys are made by manufacturers including Nike or Adidas, and they are designed for fans to wear. The primary difference is that they are not made of the fabrics and other materials necessary for playing soccer in an intense environment.

Replicas are officially licensed, so it is hard to know the difference unless someone tells you. You may be fine with buying a replica to show support of your favorite soccer team, but many people want the authentic jersey. They are more expensive, and it is important to know that you are getting what you are paying for. Continue reading to learn how to know if a soccer jersey is authentic.

Look at the Badge Applications

Soccer jerseys have different applications in the form of badges, club crests, sponsors, brands, and more. They are on the jersey, and they are applied differently depending on whether they are an authentic or a replica jersey. Most replica jerseys have the application embroidered or sewn on. You will be able to feel the thread, and they are designed to stand up to the washing machine and a lot of wear.

Authentic jerseys usually have applications that are heat pressed. They should feel smooth and synthetic, and you need to take care when you wash them because they can come off with extensive use. If you want to know whether a jersey is authentic, carefully examine the applications to see whether they are sewn or heat-applied.

Check the Material

Another difference between replica and authentic jerseys is the material. The specific materials will differ from brand to brand, but they all have similar features. Replica jerseys are usually made using more conventional fabric technology that is affordable. They are designed to keep you cool and to provide as much comfort as possible.

Authentic jerseys are usually made of high-performance fabrics. They are able to wick sweat away, and they will be laser cut to allow maximum air flow during play. They help athletes regulate their body temperature, and the material will be very lightweight. The replica jerseys are heavier, and they feel more like any other shirt, whereas the authentic jerseys feel very light.

Notice How the Jersey Fits

How the jersey fits is another huge difference between authentic and replica jerseys. Replica jerseys are made similar to t-shirts or polo shirts, and they are designed for everyday wear. Authentic jerseys are tighter and fit your body. They are slim and form fitting. This difference makes the two types of jersey look very different from one another.

Authentic jerseys are designed to fit tighter because it is easier to play soccer when they do. Your opponents will have trouble grabbing your jersey, and they will not distract you by flapping around as you run down the field. If you want an authentic jersey that isn’t so tight, the best thing to do is to buy a larger size.

Authentic jerseys cost more than replicas, and people often want the authentic jersey. However, if you are going to pay more, you need to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. You will want to look at the material, the fit, and how the badges are applied to make sure that you are getting an authentic jersey.

If you prefer a jersey that fits similar to a regular shirt, you can always buy a larger size. This way you will be able to proudly support your favorite team and remain comfortable at the same time. It is important to remember that replica jerseys are not an inexpensive knock off; they are officially licensed but designed for fans who want to show support.

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