How to tell if a baby is teething

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Babies are so exciting because every experience for them is brand-new. When it’s time for teething, you might notice that your baby is particularly fussy or upset. Here’s how to tell if he or she is actually teething or just throwing a hissy fit.

Baby bites things

Sure, babies bite things because it’s one of their ways of exploring new items. If they’re biting more than usual, however, it could be a sign that they’re teething. Fortunately, there are lots of teething toys out there so you and your loved ones don’t become victims of baby bites!

They’re having trouble sleeping

Your baby might have difficulties napping or sleeping because he or she is growing in their teeth. It can be uncomfortable and even painful, which therefore keeps him or her up at night. If you notice that your baby is having a hard time sleeping when he or she used to be just fine, he or she is probably entering his or her teething phase.

The baby has lots of drool

It sounds gross but it’s what babies do, especially when they’re teething. This life stage causes them to produce extra saliva so if their teeth and gums are super moist and messy, they’re most likely teething.

Babies become fussy eaters when teething

Maybe your baby was always a fussy eater but if he or she is experiencing more meltdowns at mealtime, it could be that he or she is in too much pain from teething. Pay attention to his or her eating habits and if you notice that he or she is having trouble, it’s safe to say that he or she has entered the teething stage.

Even though he or she doesn’t want to eat, he or she needs the nutrition for his or her growing body. If it becomes too much for him or her, consult with the doctor about how to meet his or her caloric needs in other ways.

Remember that teething doesn’t last forever and it’s a sign that you’ve got a healthy baby! Teething toys and necklaces, as well as compresses, can provide some relief of symptoms.

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