How to Tell If a Basketball Card Is a Reprint

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The Internet makes more basketball cards easily available to everyone because you will find them on sites such as eBay or Amazon. With this convenient marketplace comes a lot of different types of cards that are not the originals. If you are spending a lot of money on a Michael Jordan rookie card, you likely want to make sure it is worth what you are paying. A reprint or a counterfeit card will hold significantly less value. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a basketball card is a reprint.

Examine the Card

You need to be able to examine the card and compare it to a genuine original. Reprints are a reprint of the original card that are released at a later time, and while they are very similar to the original, they have certain features added. They may even say “Reprint” on the card. Basketball card companies may reproduce cards to sell in a package later, so you will want to look for this sign. A counterfeit card can be more difficult to spot, as they are made to look identical to the original. You need to examine it closely to make sure that the font, the typeface, and the color are the same.

Research the Seller

It is very important to research the seller before you buy any basketball cards online. You need to make sure that the seller is legitimate and doesn’t have a history of selling reprints that are passed off as originals. On eBay, the seller is required to list a basketball card as a reprint if they cannot authenticate it, so you should make sure that the seller has the proof you need.

Check the seller’s feedback and make sure that he or she has a minimum of 9.5% positive ratings. You should scroll through the feedback comments, especially anything that is negative. If the seller has the feedback hidden, this is a red flag. In addition, check the seller’s other auctions and items that they have sold. If they have sold more than one of these cards, it is likely a reprint or a counterfeit card.

Beware of Cards in Screwdown Holders

If you see a card listed as authentic and it is in a screw down holder case, there is a good chance that it is fake. Sellers think that this makes the card look more authentic, but it is a red flag and shows you that you need to research further. There are some legitimate cards presented this way but the majority of them are fake.

The other thing they might do is soak a reprint in coffee or tea to make it look stained and older. They are basically taking a reprint and trying to age it so that it appears to be an original. Be aware of this, and look for other signs, such as the word reprint on the card or a date.

You can always take a card to a professional to have them authenticate it, and they will be able to tell you if it is a reprint. They are experts in this field, and they know all of the tricks that agers and counterfeiters use. You will want to consult with them if the card is in your possession because they can tell you. If you are shopping online, you can take a screenshot of the card in question and pass it on to a forum or a website with experts who will tell you whether it is a reprint and how to know.

If you are going to spend a lot of money on a basketball card, it is important that it is authentic. There is nothing wrong with buying a reprint, but you should pay reprint pricing. Use these methods to find out if a card is a reprint.

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  1. I have basketball football trading cards ex: upper deck ! I had my fathers collection all in slips in mint condition! Dating from 1911 on up how does one know who to go to ? A legit honest person ! I am interested in finding out how to tell a real from a fake

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