How to tell if a coach purse is real

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Coach is a popular designer brand that has a line of shoes, clothing, and handbags. Due to their status and expensive price tag, knock-offs are quite common. Here’s how to tell if a Coach purse is the real deal.

Consider the price of a real Coach purse

First of all, look at how much the bag costs. Even if you go to the Coach outlet store, you will still be looking at handbags that cost a pretty penny. Consider that real Coach purses cost between $200 and $800. You can go to the outlets and find savings of up to 60% off. Still, at its cheapest, the real deal will be about $80.

Look for the Coach quality

Even if a handbag looks as though it’s from Coach (it has the logo and everything), it could still be a knock-off. One way to determine whether it’s real is to look closely at the quality. Coach purses are designer products so the stitching and seams are clean and precise. They’re also made of actual leather so don’t be fooled by fake materials that have lots of stretch.

It’s good to know that real Coach bags have the Coach logo on the exterior but not the interior. Instead, the inside of the purse is a solid color. If you find a Coach bag that has the logo on the outside and inside, it’s a fake.

Think about the source of the purse

Finally, consider where you’re buying the purse. If you find it at a bargain retailer or even online at a shop other than the Coach store, be cautious. It’s not common to find discount sellers that have actual Coach products in their inventories.

You might feel fine purchasing an imitation Coach bag and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, if you’re looking for a true designer Coach purse, follow these steps to spot the fakes.

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