How to Tell If a Dryer Is Gas or Electric

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Dryers can be run by gas or electricity, and it is important to know which one you have. Normally, if you are set up for one type, you can’t just change to another without having the hookups installed. Many people have no idea what the difference is and which one they prefer. They just use whatever dryer is in their home without giving it a lot of thought. However, it is important to know which one you have if you plan to replace it or list your home for sale.

Check the Plug on the Back of the Dryer

One way to find out if your dryer is gas or electric is to check the plug. Both types will use electricity. An electric dryer will use electricity to power every aspect of the machine, including the heat. A gas dryer uses electricity to power the light, the control panel, and the drum. Because the electric dryer is using electricity for so much more, it needs to draw more power. It cannot function with the energy needed by standard electric items.

An electric dryer will have a larger plug with three or four prongs that are wide apart. It uses a grounded 240 volt electrical outlet that has more power because it uses a lot of electricity to generate the heat and run the drum, control panel, and light. This plug will look different from standard plugs. A gas dryer has a standard three prong plug. It plugs into a normal 110 volt outlet, and it will look similar to most appliance plugs. You can look at the plug to determine what kind of dryer you have.

Check How Many Connections It Has

When you check the back of your dryer, you can also check to see how many connections it has. An electric dryer has only one connection, which is a plug that goes into an outlet. It doesn’t need anything else to dry your clothes. A gas dryer will have two connections. It will have a plug that goes into an outlet, but it will also have a thin stainless steel connector, which is for the gas.

You may not be able to see behind the dryer, but if you pull the dryer out just a few inches, you can use a flashlight to count the connections. If you see two, it is a gas dryer, and if you see one, it is electric.

Check the Outlets and Wall Connections

If you have just moved into a home and do not have your dryer yet, you will want to know what kind you should buy. You can’t check the dryer, but you can check the hook ups in the home. First, look at the wall. You should see an outlet where the dryer is supposed to go. If you see a bigger outlet with three or four prongs, this is the outlet for an electric dryer. It will look different from a standard outlet.

In addition, you should find out if your home has gas service. If it doesn’t have gas service, then you wouldn’t be able to have a gas dryer. This is an easy way to find out. People don’t often think about whether their dryer is gas or electric until it is time to buy one. Then, you will need to know because the two are not interchangeable. It is pretty easy to tell the difference by looking at the outlet, the plug, and searching for a gas connection.

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