How to Tell If a Football Jersey Is Authentic

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When fans spend a lot of money on an authentic football jersey, they want to make sure that they are getting what they pay for. As is the case with other popular items, there are those who will produce knock off jerseys and try to pass them off as the real thing. Many people don’t mind getting an NFL jersey that is well made and looks very similar to the authentic jerseys, but they don’t want to pay the high price for a replica. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a football jersey is authentic.

Examine the Features of the Jersey

The first thing you can do is examine the jersey and take a closer look at various features. You should look for the tag and see where it is made. If it says “Made in China,” it is definitely a replica because authentic NFL jerseys made by Nike or Reebok are not made in China. You should look at the chest numbers as well. They should be smooth and even if you notice that they are uneven or bumpy, then this is probably a replica.

The hemline tag is another important feature. The colors should be vibrant, and the tag should be evenly placed and easy to read. There will also be an NFL shield, and it will be on the garment neckline. It will be stitched on tightly and securely with the exact NFL logo. Any authentic jersey will have all of these attributes, so it is important to examine the jersey before you spend a lot of money on it.

Look at the Brand

Currently, there are only two manufacturers that produce authentic NFL jerseys, which are Nike and Reebok. Nike manufactures its jerseys in Guatemala and Honduras, and if it says Made in China, it is definitely a fake. Reebok manufactures its jerseys in El Salvador, Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Honduras. They are not made in China. This is important because most counterfeit jerseys are made in China.

If you are getting an older jersey, there are a few other brands that used to make them. Russell, Logo Athletic, Wilson, and Champion are past officially licensed NFL jersey manufacturers, and there are a few others as well. You will want to look up the name of the manufacturer and make sure that they were making jerseys when the player whose number you want was playing. Then, compare the jersey to others from that era to make sure that it is the same.

Consult a Professional

There are professionals who can identify a jersey as a fake or as authentic. If you have one and need to know its value, you might want to check with a professional. The expert will be able to tell you whether or not your jersey is authentic. You can also find websites where they will authenticate a jersey for you. If you upload clear photographs, they can examine them to tell you if the jersey is authentic. If you are considering making an online purchase, this is a great way to get another opinion. Take a screenshot of the jersey you want to buy, and you can upload it on one of these sites. They will be able to tell you if it is authentic before you make the purchase.

When you buy an authentic jersey, you are going to pay a premium. The jersey is identical to what the players wear on the field. Since the price reflects its authenticity, you want to make sure that you are getting the real thing. If you know the features of an authentic jersey, you will have an easier time identifying it. However, you can always consult a professional who will be able to tell right away. They have experience in authenticating football jerseys, so you will be able to find out.

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  1. There’s a Dallas Cowboys Nike jersey #8 Troy Aikman for sale online for $45, it says it’s made in Korea on the tag. Is this an authentic real jersey?

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