How to tell if a fuse is blown

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We’ve all been there, maybe by using too many electric appliances at the same time. Blown fuses aren’t any fun but they’re rarely a huge problem. Here’s how to check to see if a fuse is blown in your home.

Find the fuse box

This is usually in the basement or garage but it might also be in one of your home’s closets. Once you’ve located the fuse box, open it up and shut off the main power. You can do this by simply flipping off the largest and most prominent circuit breaker switch. If you have fuses, toggle off the main power fuse. This is why it’s wise to label everything in your fuse box!

Unplug your appliances

Try to remember which appliances shut off when the fuse blew and be sure to unplug those. It’s okay if you don’t remember them all. This step just ensures that another fuse doesn’t blow once you get the power restored.

Check which fuse blew

If you have circuit breakers, this is pretty simple. Just check which switch is flipped in the opposite direction from the other switches and flip it back in place.

If you have glass filaments, check if any are broken or charred. Once you’ve located the blown fuse, twist it out of its socket and pull it out. There should be a number on the fuse that shows its amp rating. You will have to put a brand-new fuse in its place that matches its amp rating. You might already have a stash of these or you can find them at your local hardware store.

Replace the fuse and test it

Finally, you can twist the new fuse back into the filament and turn on the main power switch. This should resolve your problem but make sure that you test all of your devices to see if they’re working properly.

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