How to tell if a girl likes you through text

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Girls can be complicated and it’s not always easy to read their feelings, especially over text. Here are some tips for figuring out if she really likes you. Pay attention to these cryptic text messages!

She sends lots of emojis

Sometimes you can get a good idea about her feelings towards you by looking at the emojis she sends. Typically, the more emojis a girl sends, the more comfortable she is with you. If there are lots of hearts and other romantic types of emojis, then you know that you’re on a good track!

She builds connections

Girls can be sneaky with their language but one thing that you can look out for are messages that try to build a connection between you two. Maybe she mentions that she missed you at school or work or that she saw a new show on TV and thought that you might like it. These are all signs that she’s thinking about you on her downtime, which means she probably wants to take the relationship further.

She texts you at all hours

If she’s taking the time to respond to your texts in a timely manner and she’s sending you messages day and night, that’s a major sign that she’s into you. If she wasn’t that interested, she wouldn’t be taking the time to text you early in the morning or late at night and she would wait hours before responding.

She sends you pictures

Words are one thing but images can say something too. If a girl is sending you pictures of herself or just her day-to-day, then she’s giving you special attention. She might ask for your Snapchat or Instagram so that you two can exchange photos and snaps. Adding visuals to the mix means that she wants to see more of you!

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