How to Tell If a Gucci Purse Is Real

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When you buy a Gucci purse, you expect the quality that is synonymous with the Gucci brand. A Gucci purse is a finely crafted handbag that should last you a lifetime. Unfortunately, people sell fakes to unsuspecting shoppers. You can look at the following to know how to spot a fake Gucci purse.

Look for the Serial Number Tag

Every Gucci purse has a serial number on a tag that is on a leather patch just inside the bag. The tag should be a square or a rectangle, and it should not be completely sewn down. You will find a trademark symbol on top of the tag, and then “Gucci” underneath with the same G as is in the interlocking Gs of the logo.

You will see “made in Italy” in all lower case letters, and they will be in the same font as the company name. The serial number is all numbers. They never use any letters, so if you find letters, you will know you have a fake. 

Check the Hardware and the Craftsmanship

Gucci purses are high-quality items that are handmade using the best materials. The leather will smell like leather, and it will be smooth. It will not feel dry or brittle. If it is a canvas bag, the canvas will be supple and feel smooth as well.

When you look at the stitching, you should find perfect, evenly spaced stitches. There won’t be any errors. Gucci purses are handmade, and they only allow perfection to leave their factories. In addition, hardware will feel substantial, and you will find “Gucci” engraved in zippers. If the hardware feels light or flimsy, you are probably dealing with a fake.

Examine the Logo

The logo should have two Gs. They were always interlocking, but a new designer has updated the logo recently so that they are overlapping. Check when the purse was made to know which it should be. The G should be round, and it should be perfectly oval without any points.

When you look at the word, “Gucci,” the G should be a circle. If the line continued, it would almost form an O. The U should be thicker on the left side and thinner on the right, and the two Cs should also be round. 


Buying a Gucci purse is an exciting event for many people, so it is important to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

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