How to Tell If a Gucci Watch Is Real

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Gucci watches are elegant and stylish, and they are known for being well made. They are expensive because you are getting a top-quality product. If you come across a Gucci watch for a god price, it is important to make sure that you aren’t dealing with a fake.

Is this Gucci watch real?

Look at the Back of the Watch Casing

When you look at the back of the watch casing, you should find the Gucci logo, and you will often see the model number of the watch. If you find only the logo, or the logo and the word, “Gucci,” you probably are looking at a fake.

There are a few models, such as the Gucci 3900 series that do not feature the logo on the back, but most of them do. Sometimes a fake will have the logo, but it will be bigger.

Check the Movement and the Quality

All Gucci watches have a Swiss movement, and you will find “Swiss-made” below the six on the face. In addition, you will notice that the hands of the watch move smoothly without interruption or ticking. If you notice the watch hands moving unevenly at all, then you probably have a fake.

You should also make sure that the watch feels heavy. It should be made of a quality metal such as stainless steel or gold. The numbers on the face should be perfectly spaced, and each one should be the same size. Gucci watches go through many quality checks before they are sold, so you will not find any mistakes. However, fakes will often have mistakes in size and spacing.

Check the Serial Number

All of Gucci’s products have a serial number, and watches are no exception. The watch should have a certificate of authenticity, and the serial number should be printed on it. Every watch has this certificate of authenticity, and you should never buy a Gucci watch without one. You can verify this serial number directly with Gucci to be sure that it is authentic.


When you invest in a Gucci watch, you need to be sure that you are getting the quality you pay for. Make sure that you check for the Gucci quality, and make sure that the watch has a Swiss movement. When you find a Gucci watch for a price that is too good to be true, you should exercise caution. Fake Gucci watches are poor quality.

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