How to tell if a honeydew melon is ripe

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Ahh, the smooth skin of a honeydew melon. Sweet, refreshing, and the perfect summertime snack for young and old alike. The only hard part about the honeydew melon? Figuring out when the perfect time to eat it is. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to pick the perfect time to eat honeydew melons, that is, when are melons at their ripest.

Green is Mean

Well, a green honeydew melon is not really mean but it’s also not really ripe. First way to tell whether a melon is ripe, is by checking for green. If it’s green, you must be patient my child. Wait until…

Yellow or White is Ripe

After the green stage, the honeydew melon transitions to a creamy white or yellow color. Once this transition happens, the honeydew will achieve chief ripeness to please your demanding pallet.

Press the Blossom

Now, the push test. For this, you can apply just a bit of pressure which your finger on the blossom of the honeydew. Not only should it give a bit, but you’ll also feel a bit of stickiness (this is the sugar coming to the surface) on your finger. Combined with the right color (see above), this is the best indicator of ripeness and will yield the maximum satisfaction on your pallet.

Don’t Shake the Baby (Honeydew)

Just like people, honeydew melons were not mean to be shaken. This is not a good indicator of ripeness and may actually damage the melon, cause bruising, and overall dissatisfaction in your honeydew eating experience.

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