How to tell if a Monet necklace is real

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Monet necklaces belong to the line of vintage costume jewelry pieces from the Monocraft Products Company, which was founded in 1927. While the company has changed its style over the years, there are a few ways to determine if a Monet necklace is actually the real deal.

Identify distinguishing Monet marks

The Monocraft Products Company started going by the name Monet in 1937, which was 10 years after they were founded. When looking at vintage costume jewelry, check for the designer’s mark. It might say Monocraft, Monet, or Monet with a copyright symbol. You might also see Monet Jewelers or Monet Sterling.

Necklace triple plating

One of the primary features of Monet necklaces is that they are all triple plated silver and gold. This refers to the thickness of the pieces, so take that into consideration when eyeing some jewelry. Besides gold and silver, Monet worked with ivory, onyx, pave diamonds, semi-precious stones, and vermeil.

Monet changed with the times, reflecting whatever was in vogue during the specific period. In the beginning, they focused on monograms and rhinestones before moving onto larger necklaces that hung lower on the body. Pendants were popular in the 1960s. The company eventually started to adopt cleaner lines and high-quality crystal accents.

Monet and other designer collaborations

You might notice that Monet necklaces reflect the designs of Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix. The company sold these designer lines at luxury department stores, if you have a necklace from these Monet lines of the 1980s and ‘90s.

Remember that Monet focused on costume accessories, not fine jewelry pieces. They weren’t afraid of bold colors and designs. Your best bet is to look for the manufacturer markings on the necklace, first, so you can see right away if it’s from Monocraft, Monet, or Monet with a copyright symbol.

Happy jewelry hunting!

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  1. I have a brooch which is identical to the Monet Sarah Caplan
    Cordelia Starburst brooch but where it should say Monet the mark is A444. Any ideas?

  2. I have a monet pearl necklace. It is knotted in between pearls. Gold coloured clasp which does not stick to magnet. Oyster coloured. Neat drill holes. Do monet make real pearl necklaces?
    Also a double string set of pearls. With gold oval shape clasp. No makers name or hall marks found

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