How to Tell If a Pedal Car Is Vintage

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Pedal cars for children first appeared in the 1880s. They were popular riding toys for children, and now vintage pedal cars are popular among toy collectors. It is important to know if your pedal car is vintage to know what its value is and to be able to get replacement parts if you need them. Take a look at these methods to determine whether your pedal car is vintage or not.

Check the Lights and Horn

Pedal cars were little replicas of ordinary cars designed for children to pedal. However, these copies were designed with working horns and lights most of the time. If your pedal car is vintage, it should have a working light and horn, and it should not be modern in its operation. If the horn or lights have the ability to work but don’t, make sure they use connections that were used in the era when they car was made. If your pedal car uses modern technology, it is not vintage.

Look at the Details

When vintage pedal cars were made, they mimicked the cars available at that time. They had details such as hood ornaments and steering wheels that were little replicas of the cars people were driving. These parts were high quality and not plastic or flimsy. Plastic wasn’t introduced until the 1970s, so if your car is supposed to be older, it might be a reproduction. Examine the details to make sure that they match what was sold during the time when your car was made.

Examine the Construction

Vintage pedal cars were usually made of a solid sheet of steel. Some even had real windshields and bumpers, especially before 1945. In addition, the wheels are usually white washed. If your pedal car has a plastic body or seems to be put together inexpensively, it is probably a reproduction.

Sometimes people try to pass reproductions off as vintage, and they often fade the paint for effect. Don’t be fooled as even newer pedal cars can have faded paint jobs. Look at the underside of the pedal car to make sure that it is made of steel. The car will feel solid, and it should have a manufacturing date that matches an actual car that was produced at that time.

Collecting vintage pedal cars can be a lot of fun. You can restore them and set them up to display. Make sure that you check these features before you spend a lot of money on a reproduction.

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