How to Tell If a Pokemon Is Shiny

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If you play any of the Pokemon games, you have probably heard of or seen a shiny pokemon. Shiny pokemon are desirable because they are rare. A shiny pokemon is a different color from the original. Some are harder to get than others, and people always get excited when they find one. People always wonder how to find a shiny pokemon and how to know when they have one. There are actually a few ways to tell, so read on for a few tips.

Look for Sparkles When You Click on the Pokemon

When you see the pokemon on your screen, it will always look the same as normal pokemon. It does not show itself as shiny before you click on it, so the only way to find out is to click on it to catch it. Once you do, if it is shiny, sparkles will appear in the background. You will see the pokemon on your screen, and then it will almost look as though fireworks went off behind it.

If you look away, you might miss the sparkles, so make sure that you pay attention. The sparkles will only flash when you first click on the pokemon, so if you don’t know what the shiny color is, you may not notice that you have a shiny pokemon.

Check the Color

Shiny pokemon are a different color than normal. They can only be one color, so for example, Normal Dratini is light blue, and shiny Dratini is pink. If you click on a Dratini, and it is pink, you have a shiny. Some of them aren’t as obvious and look very similar to the original. For instance, Squirtle is light blue, and the shiny version is a more pale color of blue with a different color shell. You have to pay attention or you might not even notice.

The key is to know your pokemon colors because they do not change. If you find a pokemon in a color other than the standard color, it is very likely a shiny.

It Changes Color When You Click on it

Pokemon never look shiny in the wild. When you see the pokemon, you won’t know if it is shiny or not until you click on it. If you click on a pokemon and it changes color, it is a shiny. For example, Ratata is normally purple, but when it is shiny it is green. When you click on the purple rat, if it turns green on your catch screen, it is a shiny.

When you want to know if your pokemon is a shiny, there are different ways to figure it out. You may not know all of the pokemon and what colors they should be. There are other ways to determine if it is shiny or not. You can wait for the sparkles or see if it changes color on your catch screen.

Most of the time, shiny pokemon have a rate of about one for every 450 catches, which means that they are hard to come by. Most of the pokemon you catch will not be shiny. That’s why it is important to know when you do find one.

Sometimes there are increased shiny rates, and if you pay attention, you will probably get a notification. If you want to catch shinies, this is a good time to try. Pokemon Go has a Community Day where one featured pokemon has a high rate, and you are very likely to catch a shiny.

If you want to catch shinies, you need to know how to tell the difference, and these are a few good ways. Once you start collecting shinies, it becomes a lot of fun to try to hunt for them. However, you will want to look out for special events and times when the shiny rate is boosted.

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