How to Tell If a Roomba Is Charging

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The Roomba is one of the post popular robotic vacuum cleaners out there. It is compact and computerized, and it automatically guides itself around your home cleaning the floors. It is made similarly to a traditional vacuum, with spinning brushes and suction to pull up dirt, and it uses a battery pack for its power. When the Roomba is running low on power, it will return to its docking station to recharge. You might wonder how to tell if the Roomba is charging. Read on to find out how.

Check the Battery Signal on the Roomba

Your Roomba will travel around the house vacuuming and cleaning until you send it back to the base or it starts running low on battery. While it is out, it will move around the room, and it has sensors that allow it to turn before it runs into walls or furniture. When it finishes, it will return to the docking station to charge.

Once it has docked, the Home Base power indicator will turn green for around four seconds, and then the battery indicator on the robot will pulse to show that it is charging. It looks just like a battery icon, so it is easy to spot. If this battery indicator is pulsing, then the Roomba is charging.

It Returns to the Base Before it Finishes Cleaning

Normally, the Roomba will continue cleaning until the job is done or you tell it to return to the docking station. If you notice it cleaning and it suddenly returns to the docking station before it is finished, it is probably going back to recharge due to a low battery.

When it has to return in the middle of a cleaning session, it will not play a tone, and the button that says “Clean” will be replaced with the battery indicator. It will charge until it is ready to go back and clean again. If you notice it doing this mid cleaning, then it is charging at the Home Base.

Check the App

The Roomba has an app that accompanies it, and you can easily use it to find out if it is charging. Open the app, and you will see a battery icon in the top right corner that tells you the status of the battery. You can also look at the Clean screen, and it will tell you that the battery is charging or that it is fully charged. The full text is one of the following:

  • Ready to Clean, Fully Charged
  • Ready to Clean, Charging

When your Roomba is at the Home Base, it will turn off all indicators within one minute to conserve energy while it is charging. However, you can always check the app for the latest status. The app makes the Roomba so easy to use and find out exactly what is happening.

The Roomba is a fun machine that can make cleaning your home simple. It stays in its docking station and heads out to clean your home whenever you ask it to. It will usually be charged if you keep it stored on its Home Base. A full charge takes about two hours. Make sure that the Home Base is in a location where it is easy for the Roomba to find it.

If you don’t have access to the app, it is easy to check the Roomba itself. Although it goes to sleep while it is charging, you can click on the Clean button once, and it will give you the status of the battery. Keep in mind that the Roomba will not leave the base to clean if the bin is full, so you should check it and empty it if the battery is charged but it won’t go out to clean. If you want to conserve the battery, you can set it to be in Reduced Power Standby Mode while it is sitting in the Home Base.

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