How to Tell If a Subreddit Is Private

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If you are a member of a subreddit, you might want to know if it is private. Subreddits are specific online communities on the Reddit social media sight. They are usually set up around a particular topic, and they are marked with /r/ followed by the subreddit’s name. Some subreddits are private, which means that you need an invitation or a request to join. In addition, the content is only viewable by approved users, and the same approved users are the only ones who can submit posts as well. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a subreddit is private.

Check Your Subscribed List

If you want to check the subreddits you are subscribed to, you can click on and you will see a list of your subscribed subreddits on the right. When you look at your list, you will notice that the private subreddits that you are a member of will have a blue key and a blue pencil, and the ones you moderate will have a green shield and a blue key.

When you follow this method, you should see all of the subreddits that you are a member of and you can pick out those that are private by looking at the shields. This is one method of determining which of your subreddits are private.

Log Out and Visit the Subreddit

One of the features of private subreddits is that they are hidden from the public. You have to have permission to join either by invitation or by request. It isn’t possible to search and find these private subreddits. You will only be able to see it if you are a member.

If you log out of your reddit account and then type in the URL and try to visit it, it will not show up if it is private. This will tell you that the subreddit is not available to anyone who is not already a member of it.

If you know the name of a subreddit and you aren’t a member, this method will work as well. If you want to join it, you need to sign in to your reddit account. Then, you can click the envelope icon next to your user name, and you will type /r/name of the private subreddit in the “to” field. You can write a message letting the moderator know that you want to join. You should tell them why you want to join, and then send the message. You will receive a reply in your inbox on reddit.

Ask a Member

If you actually know about a private subreddit, you would need to be a member or know someone who is. If you are a member, you can send a message to ask whether the subreddit is private. Other people in the subreddit will know if it is private or not, and you can always ask the moderator.

If you are not a member of the subreddit, you can ask the person who told you about it. If you have heard of this private subreddit, and you can’t find it when you do a search, ask the person who told you about it. People who are members should know or be able to find out easily if the subreddit is private or not. However, if you can’t find the subreddit, it is likely that it is private.

Private subreddits give members a place to have discussions without others being able to read or participate in the posts. If you are already a member, you have a few ways to find out. If you aren’t a member, you can search the subreddit to see if it comes up. If nothing shows up, you can be confident that it is a private subreddit. You will need special permission to join a private subreddit, so you can send a message to the moderator.

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