How to Tell If a Tennis Racket Is the Right Size

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When you play tennis, you need to have a racket that is the right size. This will vary depending on your size and your skill level. Most manufacturers offer a variety of tennis racket sizes to suit all different types of players. There are two main elements of tennis racket size, including the head size and the grip size. The grip size is specific to the size of your hands, while the head size is specific to your level of play. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a tennis racket is the right size.

Determine the Proper Head Size

Tennis rackets come with three different head sizes. Oversize rackets have a head that is 105 inches or larger, while midplus rackets run from about 98 inches to 104 inches. Midsize rackets are the smallest and range from 85 to 97 inches. Beginners will want to choose an oversize head because it gives you a larger area to hit the ball. The larger head size will give you more power well. Intermediate players can also use an oversize racket head. It allows them to have more power as they learn to control the ball.

Midplus rackets are right in the middle, and they are ideal for intermediate and advanced players. They still have a larger head to help give you more power, but they require you to have some control of your swing. The midsize rackets are ideal for advanced players because they already generate power with their swing. They need the precision and control that comes with a smaller racket head. Once you determine whether you are looking for control or power, you will know which type of racket head is best for you.

Determine the Proper Grip

Racket grips are measured and sized so that you can get the grip that is just right for your hands. Generally, grips range from 4 to 4 ⅝ inches, which is sized as zero through five. Each 1/8 of an inch is one size larger. Women often use a 4 ¼ size grip, which is the equivalent of a size 2, while men typically use a 4 3/8 inch grip, which is a size 3. However, you need to get the grip size that is best for you.

If you aren’t sure what the best size is, it is always better to go down a size because you can use grip tape or an overgrip to make it thicker. This way, you will be sure to have the right size. Some people prefer a smaller grip to give them more ability to put spin on the ball, but that is a consideration for more advanced players. 

Other Factors to Consider

Another factor to consider is the weight of the racket. Beginners should go with a lighter frame, intermediate players will want a medium weight frame, and advanced players will use either a medium or heavy weight frame. Lighter rackets will give you more power, while heavier rackets will give you more control.

It takes experience to learn how to control the tennis ball, which is why most beginners choose a racket that is designed to provide more power. As you advance, you will learn how to control the ball and generate more of your own power through your swing. If you are an intermediate player, you will want a racket that is right in the middle in terms of weight and racket size.

Your grip is very important because your racket must fit in your hand. You will be able to control the racket if you have the right size grip. You should be able to comfortably hold the racket as if you are shaking hands with it, and it should fit perfectly in your hand. Your grip size is unlikely to change, so once you know what size you are, you can stick with this size. As you progress, you may change the ideal head size and weight. Once you have the ability to control the ball with your swing and your style, you can use a racket that will enhance this skill.

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