How to Tell If a Watermelon Is Ripe

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Watermelon is a little bit different from other melons because you can’t smell it to find out whether or not it is ripe. It is important to make sure that it is before you bring it home because it won’t taste as juicy and delicious if it is unripe. Once a watermelon is picked, it keeps the flavor it has.  It will not continue to ripen on your counter at home. Take a look at the following tips to determine whether a watermelon is ripe.

Examine the Skin

You should check the skin of the watermelon thoroughly. It should be smooth and free of cuts or other imperfections. In addition, the color should be faded. When watermelons are ripe, the sun will fade their color.

You should also see a patch of yellow or whitish skin, which is where the watermelon was laying in the field. This part was not exposed to the sun as it was growing. If the watermelon doesn’t have a white or yellow ground spot, it may have been cut from the vine before it was ripe.

Look at the Stem

Next, you should look at the stem. The watermelon may or may not have a piece of it attached, but if it does, it should be green. If it is brown or dried out, it may have been picked a long time ago. A green stem indicates that the watermelon is fresh. It will be easy to crack away from the rest of the watermelon.

Listen for a Hollow Sound and Scratch the Bottom

This is a place where watermelons are very different from other types of melon. You often want to gently tap the side and hear a dull thud. With a watermelon, you want to hear a hollow sound. In addition, it should be heavy when you are holding it. It should feel heavier than it looks.

You should hold the watermelon and scratch the bottom of the rind. It should not dent, but it will tear to expose the green below it.

Watermelon is one of the best summertime fruits in America, and it is an important part of many picnics and lunches. When you buy your watermelon, you need to know that it is ripe because watermelon does not continue to ripen after it is cut from the vine. Follow the tips above to choose a nice, juicy watermelon that you will enjoy.

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