How to Tell If a YouTube Video Is Creative Commons

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Creative Commons is an international nonprofit organization that gives free licenses to any creator who makes content available to the general public. This allows the creator to let other people use the video under conditions that the creator chooses. The content can usually be used for educational purposes. Users can copy the work, download it, distribute it, or display it, among other things.

Users can find this kind of content on YouTube, as long as they know what they are looking for. You can use different YouTube search filters to find work that has a creative commons license. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a YouTube video is creative commons.

Step One: Perform a Search on YouTube

First, you need to go to the website You will arrive on the YouTube website. Now you should search your subject matter. You can type keywords into the search bar at the top of the page. This will help you find all of the videos that cover your subject matter.

Step 2: Use the Filter to Narrow Your Search

Once you go to the search, you can click on the three lines to include filters. Then, you will select the Features tab. Under Features, choose Creative Commons. All of the results will be YouTube videos that are licensed under Creative Commons.

Step 3: View the Results

All of the resulting videos will have a creative commons license. You still need to click on the license and read the conditions. Creators can choose what you are allowed to do with their creative commons videos, and you want to be sure before you use it. You might be able to use it for a project or paper in school, but they may not allow you to include it on your social media. Make sure that you understand the conditions before you move forward.

Once you see the results, they will all be YouTube videos that are creative commons. This means that you have permission to use these videos. The thing to remember is that you must use them according to the conditions set by the creator.

Although you have permission to use the videos with creative commons, you still have certain obligations. You need to give credit to the creator for the work. You also need to get permission if you plan to use the video in a commercial way. If there is any copyright notice, you should not remove it.

Creative commons is very useful for schools and teachers because they can use the materials in teaching. They are allowed to share content with students and this gives them more tools for teaching. Using someone else’s work is always helpful because it gives you more options.

The creative commons license gives permission to copy the work, distribute it, display it, communicate it, and format shift copies of it. These are the basic rights that come with a license, and you may have others if they are expressly stated.

Once you perform your search and find videos that have a creative commons license, you can move on to your intended use. It is very easy to find these videos because YouTube provides a filter that allows you to narrow your search.

The purpose behind a creative commons license is to allow creators to retain the rights over their work while allowing people to make use of it. Works that are protected by copyright aren’t allowed to be used in the public domain, and this is a way around that. Creators want people to be able to use their work; they simply want to make sure that they receive credit for it.

If you search and find videos on YouTube that have a creative commons license, you can use the video in accordance with conditions in the license as long as you credit the creator.

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