How to tell if an avocado is good

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Love yourself some avocados, your not alone! Every day people use avocado for all kinds of foods from guacamole, slices on top of a salad and who can eat sushi without some avocado. Read along to see how you can tell if an avocado is good or ripe.

Stages of ripeness

There are many stages in avocados ripeness:

  • Hard and very green
  • Starting to change color but still hard
  • Darker green color and soft to touch
  • Brown in color and smushy
These look good but you have to squeeze a bit first to know if their good

How hard should I squeeze

You want to make sure you don’t buy the wrong avocados, you can squeeze them lightly and if they are very hard they still have to ripen. You don’t want to squeeze too hard but if you do you might find the bad one faster than you think because it might break and make a mess.

Final thoughts

If you buy some green ones and place them in a paper bag they will ripen faster. Remember not to squeeze too hard or you’ll make guacamole.

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