How to Tell If an Xbox Controller Is Bluetooth

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With the advances in technology, you are no longer stuck being wired into the console when you play on Xbox. You can use Bluetooth wireless controllers and these controllers are compatible with programs that run on Windows 10 as well. You just need to know whether your controller is Bluetooth or not. Read on to learn how to find out.

Which Xbox Console Do You Have?

The Xbox One wireless gamepad that is included in the Xbox One S package and others made after its release are all Bluetooth. The original Xbox One controllers are not, although you can still use them wirelessly with your PC. For the controller that is not Bluetooth, you will need a separate wireless dongle to connect them to the PC. Bluetooth controllers have been made since the advent of the Xbox One S so if yours was made after the first one of these machines, then it is probably Bluetooth.

Examine the Controller

You can also determine whether the Xbox controller is Bluetooth by examining the controller. Look at the plastic that is surrounding the Guide button. The plastic is the same as the plastic on the face of the controller without any seams on Bluetooth controllers. On controllers without Bluetooth, the plastic will be the same as the plastic on the bumper buttons. You will notice a seam between the Guide button and the controller’s face.

Another difference between the controllers is that the Bluetooth controller has an improved grip texture whereas the original controller has plain plastic. In addition, the Xbox S Bluetooth controller has a headphone jack on it as a standard feature. Finally, if you look at the controller, the Xbox logo button that calls up your screen when you are in a game is glossy on the original controller but it has a matte finish on the Bluetooth controller. It is white on the Bluetooth controller and it is black on the standard one.

Ask a Tech Professional

If you still have questions after you try the methods above, you can ask a tech professional. There are experts who know all about electronics and they will be able to tell you if your controller is Bluetooth. You can also look for a button that flashes when you try to pair the controller with the Xbox console or the PC. If it isn’t Bluetooth, you will not have this option.

If you do have a Bluetooth Xbox One Controller, it is easy to pair. You can turn the controller on by holding down the Guide button. There is also a pairing button on top of the controller and you can hold it for three seconds. The Guide button will flash when it is in pairing mode. Once it flashes, you can hold down the pairing button on the console.

You should go in your system tray and click on Add Bluetooth or other device. You will select Bluetooth, and then Xbox Wireless Controller. Once the Guide button is white and the menu tells you that the controller is connected, you can begin play.

In spite of the differences between the Bluetooth controller and the standard controller, both work on all of the consoles. New consoles are all sold with Bluetooth controllers so the question of whether a controller is Bluetooth or not most often refers to used controllers and consoles. People want to know how to tell the difference when they are looking at a used console and controller.

While there are minor cosmetic differences between the controllers, the primary difference is whether or not it uses Bluetooth. The Bluetooth controllers allow you to connect to your PC without having to have a dongle to connect it and you can connect a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones to the Bluetooth controller. The Bluetooth controller comes standard with the Xbox One S console.

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