How to Tell If Art Is Fake in Animal Crossing

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One of the most difficult challenges in the Nintendo game – Animal Crossing – is the challenge of spotting fake art. You need to be able to do it if you want to walk away from Redd and complete the Museum. Fake art is attractive, so you need to know other ways to spot a fake. The first work of art you get is genuine; this is what allows you to enter the Art Gallery. Take a look at three ways to spot fake art.

Check the Details

The art in Animal Crossing is often based on real works of art, but a few of the details might be a little bit different in the fakes. One way to try to spot fakes is to compare the art to the real art and check for differences. This is very similar to those games where you try to pick out the differences.

Look at the art carefully, and pay close attention to the details. For example, in the Academic painting, the fake version will have a mug stain in the upper right corner. When you look at the Amazing painting, the central person with a red sash is not wearing a hat in the fake version.

When you examine the details of the paintings, you will be able to see the differences between the real painting and the fake. Check the details, and make sure that you verify it by looking up the real painting.

Know Which Art Is Never Fake on Animal Crossing

You may not realize it, but for a number of pieces of art, there is no fake version. If you know which pieces of art are included, it will help you to choose one that is real. The following are safe to buy because there is no fake version:

  • Calm Painting
  • Common Painting
  • Dynamic Painting
  • Familiar Statue
  • Flowery Painting
  • Glowing Painting
  • Great Statue
  • Moody Painting
  • Mysterious Painting
  • Nice Painting
  • Perfect Painting
  • Proper Painting
  • Sinking Painting
  • Twinkling Painting
  • Warm Painting
  • Worthy Painting

Because these pieces of art have no fake version, they will always be real. That means that they are safe to buy.

Check Whether the Art Is Haunted

Although all fake art is not haunted, some pieces are. These haunted characteristics might show up in Redd’s ship before you buy them. Keep your eyes open for art that transforms late in the day. It will usually happen after dusk, and you might see your art take on unusual characteristics.

Once Redd has visited for the first time and you have been on his ship, keep an eye out for him to return. You may need to wait a week or two, but keep checking your map for his ship. His ship will be parked on a secret beach behind the cliffs on the north of the island.

In addition, remember that forgeries in New Horizons are different from those in previous games, even when it is the same art. You can look for these differences so that it is easier to spot fakes. Having haunted art is a dead giveaway, but it can still be fun to hang it on your wall.

When you are looking at art, pay close attention to the details. If you notice small differences, you will know they are fake. Some pieces of art are never fake, so pay attention to this list. If you accidentally buy a fake, you will not be able to donate it to the Museum or sell it in Nook’s Cranny; it will be rejected by the owners.

You can throw it away, or you can hang it in your home and on your island. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you wind up with a haunted piece. It might be frustrating to have to wait for Redd’s return, but you can at least enjoy the art you have, even if it is a fake.

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