How to Tell If Food Is From China

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Many people have started paying attention to where their food is made. If food is processed, raised, or made in the United States, it follows a certain set of guidelines that gives consumers confidence that their food is safe. However, a lot of food is imported from other countries and available in American stores as well. In addition, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat may be brought in from another country. As people grow more conscientious about what they are putting in their bodies, they want to know how to tell if food is from China or another country.

The concern that many people have is that China doesn’t have the same standards as the United States. It can be difficult to know where your food comes from without some research. When food is labeled Made in the USA or Product of America, it still might have ingredients that were brought in from China. Read on to learn how you can find out if your food is from China.

Research the Food on the Internet

Some foods will be labeled “Product of China” but many are not. If you want to know, you can look up certain brands by doing research on the company website on the Internet. This is not a simple process but if you are concerned about where your food comes from, you can look directly to the source. Many foods are made in America with some ingredients from China. For example, Birds Eye vegetables get 5% of their ingredients from China.

This is a concern to people because China does not have the same rules and regulations as the United States. The rules and regulations in the United States are designed to make sure that cancer-causing ingredients and other pollutants are not added into food. It is difficult to find out exactly how China makes their food so some people wish to avoid food from China.

Call the Company

A great way to find out if food is from China is to call the company or manufacturer directly. You can ask them where the food comes from but there is more to it. You will want to know where these ingredients come from and where the food is processed. When you ask the company, they are obligated to disclose this information.

There are some foods that are made in America but they may import some ingredients from China. America imports around five billion pounds of food from China each year. Some food is directly labeled as made in China but much of it serves as ingredients that are a part of processed foods.

Check the Label

Some foods that are made in China have this information listed on the label. They might say that the food is Made in China or Processed in China. It is important to remember that if it says “Made in America,” this means that it was made in America but it could be made in America using Chinese food sources.

When you buy your food at the grocery store, you should read through the label. Products that are sold by Chinese companies and made in China are usually labeled.

If you really want to know whether food is from China, the best way to find out is to call the manufacturer or company that sells the food. They are required to disclose where the food comes from. You can also research it online but this will require more effort. It is not always easy to look at food and know where it was made so if this is important to you, you should call the company.

People have concerns about food that is from China because they do not always follow US standards. Try one of these methods to determine where your food is made.

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  1. The manufacturers know about China nasty products so why buy from them in the first place. It’s wrong to knowingly put American ‘s in harms way on purpose. We should not have to research our food everything we go shopping!
    I myself don’t want to
    eat anything from China or any country that follows such nasty and unsafe practices.

  2. Companies that make or process food with ingediants from China should be made to boldly label that information.

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