How to tell if honey is real

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Did you know that even if the label says “Pure Honey,” that packaged honey may not actually be pure, 100% honey? Manufacturers use syrups and sugars to dilute their honey without their customers knowing. Here’s how to spot real honey from the fake stuff.

Research honey standards in your area

Different states have different regulations regarding honey. In Florida, manufacturers are required to list any additives they put in their packaged honey. Other states, however, are free to keep this information under wraps. Even a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) label doesn’t always give the full story. An ingredients list can show only honey, but there could be trace amounts of other sugars that aren’t listed.

Test the honey for water

Add a spoonful of honey to a glass of room temperature water. Pure honey will not dissolve, but instead, clump up and sit at the bottom of the glass. Unfortunately, some types of manufactured honey will clump up too, so it’s not always a reliable test.

Put some honey on a paper towel

This simple test can give you a better idea of how pure honey should behave. Grab a paper towel and drop a small spoonful of honey on it. If the honey is truly pure, the paper towel won’t absorb it, nor will it leave any moisture or residue. Honey that has been diluted with water or other additives will run, seep through the paper towel, or leave wet spots. Again, this test is 100% accurate, as some types of honey with simple syrups also won’t be absorbed.

Recognize pure honey myths

Old wives tales may have you believe certain things about honey that just aren’t true. For instance, ants will not shy away from impure honey; they’ll be attracted to anything that’s sweet. In addition, beekeepers will tell you that there is no way to determine the purity of honey by dropping a spoonful of it in some alcohol. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of taste.

Need to know more on how to tell if honey is real

If you still feel like you need to know more about how to tell if honey is real. Check out resources like Bee-America it’s one of the top websites on how to detect fake honey. Just keep in mind that depending on which state the honey was manufactured in there are different requirements as far as listing additives. That’s the simplest way to check for certainty but you can always do the water and paper towel test. Share this with someone if you think it will help them out, comment below if you know another way to tell honey is real.

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