How to tell if iphone is charging

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We use our iPhones for almost everything, the phone part being the least of it. Text, social, learning, podcasting, and more, the iPhone is a personal and professional tool which aids us in countless was during our daily lives. For this reason, keeping your smart phone charges is a common challenge.

If only iPhones would charge themselves. But alas, they do not. And if you’re anything like us, your iphone is always dead when you need it. So in this article, we’ll cover the basics of knowing how that beautiful iphone of yours is charging!

Iphone Charging when Turned On

When your iphone is turned on, you’ll need to first plug in the charging cable to your phone and to a power source. Once this is done, simply look for the charging symbol shown in the image below.

Iphone charging When Turned Off

Now it’s entirely possible that your iphone currently has so little charge that you cannot even turn it on. In this case, you’ll see the following when charging.


You should always try to keep a high charge on your iphone so that it’s there for you when you need it. We hope this simple guide to how to tell if your iphone is charging helps you.

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