How to Tell If Jordan 11s Are Fake

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Jordan 11s are a very popular sneaker, and they are expensive. It is important to be able to tell if they are real or not because you do not want to waste money on a pair of fakes. Fortunately, there are ways that you will be able to tell if Jordan 11s are fake.

Examine the Packaging

Before you even look at the shoes, you should examine the box. You should look at the box and try to spot any errors in the logo, the spelling, or the alignment of the edges and the finish. If you notice that the top doesn’t close with even gaps on all sides or that anything is out of alignment, you might be looking at fakes. In addition, the color and shade of the lettering on the box will be uniform throughout the packaging.

You should also look at the packaging sticker on the bottom of the box. This tag will have the style name, the shoe size, the color, and the country of manufacture. You will see the model number, which is nine digits. Make sure that the words and numbers are spread apart evenly, and the font should be the same throughout.

Look at the Tag on the Sneaker

You will find a tag inside the sneaker that has the same information as the information on the box label. It will have the year of manufacture and the country of manufacture, and the nine digit model number is there as well. In addition, there is a logo that is a picture of a man with his arm raised and a basketball. You can closely examine the logo to make sure that it is real. You will also want to look at the stitches and make sure that the stitching is even and straight. The stitches should be evenly spaced as well.

Check the JumpMan Logo on the Shoe

The Jordan 11s have the jump man logo printed on the insole of the shoe. This logo should have even proportions, and there should not be any mistakes. When you look at the legs, the feet, and the basketball, you should see simple lines that are clear. It should not be blurred at all. You need to also look at the shoelaces, the tabs, and the details of the tongue. If you find any gaps or inconsistencies, they are probably fake.

You should also look at the position of the logo sign. The logo should be in the third lace area, and it is easy to see when you look down at the shoes. Sometimes on fakes, the logo is either above or below this position. In addition, the logo should be in the same position on each foot, and fakes will often have the logos in slightly different spots.

You should also look at the shoelace tabs, which should be in identical spots. However, in fakes, the shoelace tabs might be different sizes, or they may be in slightly different locations. You will want to look at the colors because there are only certain colors that this sneaker is made in. Finally, check the patent leather around the toe because it will show higher up on fake shoes. It appears glued on, and you might even see some of the glue.

If you know what you are looking for, you will be able to spot fake Jordan 11s. There should be a certain quality, and the shoes should be identical. You need to look at the logo and the stitching in the shoes to make sure that it is uniform and quality. In addition, the packaging and the box should be well made. If you notice that the label has uneven spacing or an unusual font, this is a sure sign that you have fake shoes. Pay attention to all of the details, and you will be able to tell if the shoes are fake.

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