How to Tell If Netflix Is Hacked

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Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms, and when hacked accounts started showing up, some of their subscribers were compromised. People wonder how a hacker got their password and username, and they are worried about Netflix. The reality is that hackers get your information in a different way. If you use your Netflix username on other accounts, they might try to find another account that you have on a site with weak security to hack in and gain your password.

People often use the same username and password for multiple accounts, so these hackers will take advantage of this. They might also send you a scam email that appears to be from Netflix. They can ask you to follow a link to sign into your account. When you do it, they will gain access to your username and password. Continue reading to learn how to tell if your Netflix is hacked.

Look at the Streaming Activity of Your Account

Netflix keeps track of all of the activity on your account. You should have a list of the movies and shows you have watched and when you have watched them. They will also tell you the location of the person who has watched. You can go to the Streaming Activity section of your account to see if anyone else is using it. If you notice programs or movies being watched from other locations, this is a sign that you have been hacked.

If you find that this has happened to you, you need to change your name and password right away. Once you do, the hacker or the person who bought the stolen account will no longer be able to sign in. Make sure that your personal information is safe so that this can’t happen again. Never click on links in emails. If you ever have a question, make sure that you sign in from a screen you pull up.

You Are Locked Out of Your Account

Sometimes people find that they are suddenly frozen out of their accounts. You might go to sign in, and it tells you that your login information is incorrect. You can try to change your password, and then check to see if anyone has been watching movies or shows on your account. If you find that they have, you have probably been hacked.

You will again want to change your password and username so that the hacker is not able to get back into your account. Make sure that you use something that is completely different so that the hacker is unable to guess what it is.

You Learn That Your Membership Has Changed

Finally, if you receive a notice that you have upgraded your membership, but you know that you didn’t, it is likely that you have been hacked. The hacker might have upgraded your membership to premium to watch 4K movies. They might want to be able to stream on multiple devices. If you receive a message telling you that your membership is upgraded, you need to take action right away.

Start by letting Netflix know that you did not make this request. Then, make sure to return to your original plan. You can change your payment method so that the hacker is unable to get into your account again.

It can be very unsettling to find out that your Netflix has been hacked. It might feel creepy to think that a hacker is streaming movies in your name. If you find that there is anything suspicious or that unknown devices have signed on to your Netflix account and watched movies, you need to change your username and password right away.

You should remember never to give out your personal information. Additionally, you should not click on any links embedded in emails. The best way to manage your account is by signing on through the website or the app.

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