How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord

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When you use the Discord app, people who you share a server with are able to send you private messages and ping you. You can see their messages as well. It is all open, until you decide to block them. If you want to make it so that someone is no longer able to communicate with you, you can block them. People often wonder if there is a way to tell when you are blocked. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if someone blocked you on Discord.

You Are Unable to Chat

If you are unable to chat with someone, you might be blocked. You will still be able to see any chat that you may have already had, but it will be impossible to respond or start a new chat with this person. You will not be notified by the app if someone blocks you, but you will notice that you can no longer send and receive messages with this person. It is best to move on and let it go if you notice this. The chat thread will be darkened out, so you will only be able to read previous messages.

You Get a Strange Message

If you send someone a message on Discord, and you get a message back that says the person is only accepting messages from friends, it is likely that you were blocked. This is a pretty generic error message, and it will tell you that you have to be sharing a server or be friends with the person. If you used to be friends and chatted with this person, then there is a good chance that you are blocked.

If you send someone a message, and your screen shakes and a strange message tells you the message didn’t go through, you are probably blocked.

You Are No Longer Friends

When you block someone on Discord, you will find that you are no longer on their friends list. Blocking immediately removes someone from your friends list. You can add them back later, but for this time, they will not be able to communicate with you. However, they can still see when you are online, and they have access to your previous chats.

There are other ways to silence someone on Discord. You can mute them, which is similar to blocking. This only works for the Discord voice channel, and it will prevent this person from speaking, although they can still hear what you are saying.

In addition, you can deafen other users. This also works on the Discord voice channel, and it makes it so that these users cannot listen to what you are saying on the channel.

The kicking feature boots someone off the channel. They can rejoin if they are invited back again, but in the meanwhile, they will not be able to come onto the channel. If you are the administrator of a server, you can choose how to handle a person, whether by muting, kicking, blocking, deafening, or banning them from the channel.

It is easy to block someone. You simply go to their profile, and click on block now. This will immediately prevent this person from contacting you. The surest way to tell if you have been blocked is to notice that your chat logs are still accessible, but your smartphone will shake, and you will not be able to communicate through DM.

Because people will likely figure it out if you block them, you should be prepared for this disagreement.  They will not be able to communicate with you at all, but they can still see your online activity and can still read the previous chats. Most of the time, this feature comes in handy if someone is harassing you or annoying you, and it is often the right choice.

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  1. While I was texting my friend on discord out of no where it said your message could not be delivered. This is usually because you don’t share a server with the recipient or the recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends. But it happened in the middle of the conversation and we were confused…I’ll send you his discord name. Please see if something is wrong

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