How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on iMessage

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If you text someone and you don’t receive a response, you might wonder if they have blocked you. It can be frustrating because you may have concerns that your texts aren’t going through, and you may not understand what is going on. Fortunately, there are a few ways to determine whether or not someone has blocked you.

Check the Bubble Color

You may already know that messages on iMessage can be blue bubbles or green. Blue bubbles are iMessages, whereas green bubbles are SMS texts. If you know that the person you are texting has an iPhone, and the messages are suddenly all green, this could mean that they have blocked you. However, this could also mean that they are out of cellular service range or have iMessage turned off, so you might want to try again the following day to be sure.

Check the iMessage Status Update

Normally, when you text with iMessage, a notification will appear under the message that says “Delivered” or “Read.” This lets you know the status of your message. If you are getting these messages, you are not blocked.

When you are blocked, the message will still be in a blue bubble, but there will be no notification under it. This is a sure way to know that you have been blocked. Keep in mind that the “Read” notification has to be activated on the user’s phone for it to show, so seeing “Delivered” could mean it was read.

Call the Person You Think Blocked You

You can try this in two different ways. Start by calling the person. If you are blocked, it will only ring briefly before going to voicemail. It will not even ring a full time. If the phone rings three or four times before going to voicemail, then you have not been blocked.

You can also block your phone number by adding *67 before the 10 digit number you call. You can also go into your settings and change your setting to turn off “Show My Caller ID.” If the person answers, then you know that they have you blocked.

It can be frustrating to wonder if you have been blocked, and you probably want to know the answer. Try these methods to find out so that you can end your frustration. You should also keep them in mind in case you block someone in the future.

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