How to tell if someone hates you through body language

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Body language is fascinating and can tell us a lot more than we might think. Whether we know it or not, we’re giving away nonverbal cues through our body language each and every day. Here’s how to tell if the person that you’re talking to is sending nonverbal suggestions that they don’t like you.

Watch their shoulders

If someone is interested in what you have to say and they’re open to the conversation, then their shoulders will face towards you. If the person’s shoulders are perpendicular to yours, however, they have started to tune you out.

They touch their nose

This might sound odd, but people tend to touch their nose when confronted with a negative situation or someone that they don’t want to talk to. Remember this the next time you strike up a conversation with someone.

They shuffle their feet or move to the side

These two actions are nonverbal hints that they want to end the conversation and get away from you. If you’re talking to someone and you notice that they start to do a side step or move their feet a lot, then they’re probably looking for a way to get out of this social interaction.

They avoid physical touching and eye contact

If you’re speaking with someone and they start to distance themselves, they aren’t interested in being near you. They might take extra steps to avoid physical touching, and their eye contact is probably nonexistent.

They busy themselves with other things

Maybe they start playing with their clothes or they suddenly take a deep interest in the poster on the wall. Or worse, they whip out their phone. If you’re talking to someone and they seem more interested in everything except you, this is a sign that they’re not a big fan of you or your topic of conversation.

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