How to Tell If Someone Opened Your Email

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Sometimes people send out emails and they never get a response. They don’t know whether the recipient read it or deleted it. Often the recipient says that they never received it and it is important to know if that is true. Fortunately, there are ways to find out.

You can use different methods to find out if your email has been opened but it is hard to know if the recipient actually read it. Sometimes they can get around methods of letting you know but you can try the following methods. Continue reading to learn how to tell if someone opened your email.

Enable Read Receipts

You can often turn read receipts on if you want to confirm that someone received your email. Business and marketing professionals use this method to collect data and figure out how to improve their email strategy. This helps them to determine how effective their email campaigns are and manage follow-ups.

Most email providers have an option for you to request a read receipt when you send an email. You can find this feature with Gmail, Outlook, and Mozilla. When you are in Outlook, you can click on Options and choose Request a Read Receipt. Mozilla has a three-line menu. You can choose Options and then Account Settings. Choose Return Receipts and then you can receive read receipts.

Google doesn’t have this option on their basic service but if you have Google G Suite, you can choose User Settings and then click on Email Read Receipts. You can select Request Read Receipt and Google will notify you when the recipient opens the email.

Use Email Tracking Software

Another way to track whether or not someone has read your email is through third-party email tracking software. You will usually need to sign up for a subscription but you might be able to find one that has a free basic plan. For example, SalesHandy is free for individuals. It tracks emails, provides desktop notifications, and works with Gmail.

Another tracking program is Mailtrack and it is free for individuals. It works with Gmail as well. GetNotify is another option and you can use it with Gmail as well as Outlook and Thunderbird. It is free for a limited number of emails per day and per month.

Email tracking used to be a service for marketers and businesses but it is becoming more popular with individual users who want to know whether others receive their emails.

Ask Them

Of course, the old-fashioned way is to ask. People may not respond to you for many different reasons. You email could end up in a junk folder or they could accidentally delete it. Maybe the person gets a lot of spam emails and they simply didn’t see it. There are a lot of legitimate reasons why someone may not have received your email.

If you ask the person, you can always resend the email if they didn’t receive it. You can also find out what they thought and discuss the topic. Asking may sound simple but it will get you the information you need. If you need to send the email again, you can do so.

Email is a useful tool and it is easy to rely on it. If you have anyone who simply doesn’t respond to your email, you may wonder if they received it or read it. You can look to see if your email provider allows you to request read receipts. This will give you a notification when someone reads your email.

Another option is to use a third-party email tracker and there are several different companies that offer this service. You can also ask the person. You might send a quick follow-up email or call them. If you really want to know, this option usually does the trick.

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