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Have you ever sent a text message and waited eagerly for a response, all to no avail? You’re left wondering if the person saw your message at all or if they did and just ignored it altogether. Here is how Android users can see if their message was read.

Go to your phone settings and turn on read receipts

One of the easiest ways to see if the recipient has read your text is to turn on the read receipts on your Android device. To do this, go to the text message and open the menu. Navigate to “Settings,” then “Advanced” and make sure read receipts are turned on. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on some Android phones.

Use a different Android app

If you can’t turn on read receipts, you can use something other than the Android’s text messaging app. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp both allow users to enable read receipts so you’ll always know when the message has been seen. On Facebook Messenger, a small icon of the recipient’s profile picture will show up next to your sent message if they read it. On WhatsApp, two blue check marks next to the sent message means the other person has seen it.

Try a communication app like viber

Viber is another messaging app that you can download on your Android device. It works like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp and allows for free international messages. Once you send your text, it will say “Delivered” beneath the message. When the other person reads it, it will say “Seen.”
The reality is that, sometimes, it’s just impossible to know if someone has read your text message. It’s important to be patient and remember that they could be running errands, at work or school, or just away from their phone. Wait it out and if it’s urgent, give them an actual phone call.

Still not sure on how to tell if someone read your text on android

Still not sure? Then keep doing research, there are quite a few websites with more information like lifewire. Seems like you are, not the only one looking for this information.

Keep in mind that you can change some settings on your android phone so that you can see read receipts. There are also other apps outside of the standard messaging app that comes with your phone Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp are just a few ways you can know if someone read your text. Share this with someone if you think it will help them out, and share with us if you know a better way to tell if someone reads your text on android by commenting below.

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    1. The bottom line is and I totally don’t understand it is “IF”you feel there is a trust issue wether it be with a friend or a lover #1 I would discuss my feelings with the friend or lover and if st the end of that discussion you end up feeling like a overly paranoid , overthinking idiot then the best thing is to leave the situation (as hard as that may be it’s the only way) or there’s #2 Wich could be you are a paranoid over thinker & should seek some sort of counseling soon because through my 53 years on this earth and having seen many strained relationships in my life I’ve seen some of the oddest behavior by jealous or paranoid people actually wreck the life of someone that actually loves the paranoid over thinker with all their heart BUT can’t get through to their good friend or lover until unfortunately it wrecks not only the relationship but the minds and those involved way of thinking therefore altering the final outcome of how their lives ultimately turn out out &-))

  1. I adjusted the settings correctly for my galaxy s9 and I can see when they are typing but have never received a read report.

    1. Kellszz, I got my new phone and I can’t see when someone is typing back. Could you please help me walk me through how I can get my phone to show me to see them typing. Truly appreciated. Linda

      1. I just burst out laughing reading that! I’ve been in such a crap mood for the last 2 years and laughing doesn’t come very easy now. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face with your awesomely accurate response. I don’t even know how old this is and I don’t even know how I ended up reading it. Thanks again,

  2. So basically there is no way I can tell if some one has read my message on Samsung 9 text message like it does on WhatsApp even tho I have done everything they have said to do turn it on so you can see when they have read your text but all I get is time I sent it thats all????

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