How to tell if something is silver without markings

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There doesn’t have to be markings on your coins or jewelry for you to determine if it’s silver. Here are some ways that you can tell if something is silver, besides looking for inscriptions or markings.

Check if it’s magnetic

You can use this trick to determine what your coin or jewelry is made of. Take a magnet, ideally a very strong one, and hold it up to the coin or piece of jewelry in question. Silver has a very weak magnetic pull, so it shouldn’t be too attracted to the magnet. If it sticks, then it’s not silver.

Use ice to test your coins

This method is harder to carry out with jewelry, but if you have coins, feel free to try this one. Take some ice from the freezer and place a cube directly on the coin. If it is actually made of silver, then the ice cube will begin to melt immediately upon touching the coin. This is because silver is one of the best thermal conductors of heat, at least among the most common metals such as gold and nickel.

Silver coins make a bell sound

If you hold your coin about six inches above a table and drop it, if it is made of silver, it will make a sound similar to a bell when it hits the surface.

Use bleach to test for silver

Be careful not to get the bleach in your eyes or all over your hands by wearing protective gloves. You can try this method with coins and jewelry. Start by carefully pouring just a drop of the bleach onto the item in question. If it is really made of silver, then the coin or jewelry will tarnish and quickly turn black.

Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to identify your coins and accessories.

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