How to tell if water pump is bad

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Ok, water pump issues can mean some trouble for your car. In the following article, you will see ways to tell if your cars water pump is bad.

Coolant is leaking

If you stop at a red light and your car leaves a small pool of coolant this can be the first indication. This one can be tricky because your a/c drops water as well but you can have the a/c off to see what happens. Some of the things that cause leaks are:

  • Bad water pump seal
  • Bad radiator
  • Radiator hose might be damaged

Whiny engine noises

There are other things that can go wrong with a water pump like the bearings. These are little balls that help it spin and if you are hearing a whining noise from the engine, it might be your water pump.


If you notice your car is overheating and there is no leak, one possible issue is the water pump blades might not be pumping coolant into the engine.

Don’t drive the car while it’s overheating

If your car is overheating don’t drive it as it can ruin your engine and cause more trouble than necessary. Call a tow truck and take your car to the nearest mechanic to have it diagnosed.

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