How to Tell If You Have Bad Vision

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If you have had bad vision for a long time, you might now even know you have it. You are probably used to how things appear, and since you don’t know any different, it may not occur to you to have your vision checked. Having bad vision is very different from suffering a trauma that suddenly changes your vision, so you need to investigate to realize that it is happening to you. Continue reading to determine how to tell if you have bad vision.

You Have Trouble Making Out Shapes and Words

Bad vision comes in different forms; you can have trouble seeing things that are close to you, trouble seeing things that are far away, or you might have a combination of both. If you are farsighted, you might have hyperopia. You will find that objects in front of you are blurry and less well defined. You might notice that you hold things away from your eyes or step back to see what a sign says.

Myopia is difficulty seeing things that are far away, and you might notice this if you are looking at a street sign while you are driving. Maybe you have trouble making out the names of streets, and you have to circle back often. If you have a combination of both, it is called an astigmatism, and it poses difficulties in both cases. If you have trouble seeing anything clearly and other people can, you probably have bad vision.

You Have Trouble Seeing at Night

When you have bad vision, you will have trouble seeing at night. You will also have trouble switching from dark to light or light to dark settings. You may notice that it takes you some time to adjust. If you have trouble seeing what is ahead of you as you drive in the evening, there is a good chance that you have bad vision. Going to the eye doctor to get corrective lenses can make a world of difference. Until you actually get glasses and see what it should look like, you may not realize how bad your vision is. The key is to understand that if you can’t see where streets are or make out the writing on street signs, you can make it better by visiting your eye doctor.

You Have Frequent Headaches or Your Eyes Hurt

If you have bad vision and are used to it, you may not realize how hard you work to see things more clearly. You might squint your eyes and this can lead to eye fatigue. Your eyes might hurt, and you might find yourself rubbing them often.

If you are using a computer, you might find that your eyes are tired all the time. This is a sure sign of bad vision. Squinting, whether to see things up close or far away, is a sure sign of bad vision. When your vision is corrected to 20/20, you will be amazed at how clearly you can see everything near and far. You will no longer squint, and your headaches and eye fatigue will go away. Your eyes won’t hurt any longer. It will improve your life a great deal.

If your vision has gotten worse slowly over a long period of time, you may not realize that you have bad vision. You might be able to make out objects, but the edges might not be clear, and you might have trouble reading signs. It is actually quite dangerous to drive with bad vision because your depth perception is off. This means that you might have trouble judging the exact location of objects such as other cars.

If you have any of the symptoms above, you will want to go to your eye doctor and have a vision test performed. You can get glasses or contact lenses and see more clearly going forward.

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