How to tell if you need glasses

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You might squint to read things from time to time, but does that really mean you need glasses? Below are some ways to assess just how bad your vision is.

Test your short-range vision

Think about your day-to-day routine and try to find any points where you have trouble seeing things that are close to your face. For some people, this might mean leaning back in their chair to read what’s on the computer, or holding a menu farther away from their eyes to read the items on it. These are signs that the person is farsighted, and the more they need to move things farther away, the more pronounced their farsightedness is.

Check your long distance eyesight

On the contrary, you might have trouble seeing things from a distance. This could mean squinting your eyes to make out signs on the road or struggling to see what’s on a chalkboard or television screen. People who are able to see things close to their face, but have difficulty seeing objects that are farther away have nearsightedness. Just like farsightedness, this condition can vary in its degree of severity. Moreover, you might have trouble seeing things regardless of where they’re located in relation to your eyes. This is definitely an indicator that it’s time to get an eye exam.

Pay attention to any aches or pains

In addition, if your eyes get achy over time, such as after hours of working at a computer, you might be straining them. Aches and pains can also be a sign of a muscular or nerve problem in the eye. In many cases, glasses can fix these issues, but it’s always good to see an optometrist, who can rule out a more serious condition. Some people experience blurred, spotty, or double vision, which could be caused by astigmatism. This, too, can be corrected with glasses.

In the end

If you would like to find out more about how to tell if you need glasses you can always find more information on at websites like this WebMD article which help you figure out if you need reading glasses. You can look more into if you might be near-sighted or far-sighted on Wikipedia. Just keep in mind the simple ways you can check your short-range vision and long distance vision. Although you might be pretty sure if you are staring at a book and can’t see anything that you might be farsighted. If you feel pain it can be a sign of a bigger issue and the best thing to do is see an optometrist. If this helps someone you know, share it with them or if you think you may have a better way to figure out if you need glasses comment below.

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