How to tell if you need new tires

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There are a multitude of ways to know if you need to replace your tires. Keep your car riding smooth with good tires here are some ways to know if you need new tires.

Common indications

The most common indication is when your thread depth is low. This can be the most hazardous of reasons because tires with no thread can cause you to lose control of the car and get into an accident.

That’s the part of the tire that looks like this:

Low thread depth can make your cars braking performance really bad.

Change it if it looks like this

If you can rub your hands across the tire without feeling like its grabbing on to you, its time for new tires.

If you tire looks like this, you need new tires

Other reasons you need new tires

Some other signs to help you decide whether you need new tires are if they are:

  • Damaged (sliced tires or holes)
  • Worn down irregularly (one side has tread and the other doesn’t)
  • Weathering(dry rot)


You can always find a tire shop to have your tires inspected, they will most likely tell you that new tires are the answer 70% of the time. Ask them to measure your tread depth and the legal requirement for replacement is 2/32″. Safety is another conversation.

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