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If you were one of those people who collected Beanie Babies in the 1990s, then you’re probably wondering if those cute little creatures are worth big bucks today. While not all Beanie Babies are worth money, there are some that are yielding a decent sum. Here’s how to tell if your Beanie Baby will make you money.

These beanie babies aren’t sellable

If you have any Beanie Babies that are missing their tags, then you won’t make any money off of them. In addition, if they have the tags, but there’s a yellow star on it, then it probably won’t fetch much more than a dollar. Also, if you joined the Beanie Baby trend late in the game, then your later-generation plushies don’t have resale value.

Errors are a mixed bag

Most of the time, if any Beanie Babies have a printing error on the tag, they’re not going to yield any money. One exception is the pumpkin Beanie Baby, a rare few of which were printed upside down. This strange iteration of the jack-o-lantern has an upside-down face, and that printing error can bring in tens of thousands of dollars.

First-generation beanie babies

Do you have some first-generation Beanie Babies from the 1993 to 1994 era? The toys from this time period have tags that include “To” and “From” lines for gift givers. These tags are also missing the poems that were later included with all of the Beanie Babies.

Some first-generation Beanie Babies that can fetch a decent sum include Brownie the Bear, Chocolate the Moose, Flash the Dolphin, Legs the Frog, Patti the Platypus, Pinchers the Lobster, Splash the Orca, Spot the Dog, and Squealer the Pig.

Even if your Beanie Babies aren’t worth much money, they can still infuse you with a deep sense of nostalgia for those good old days.

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