How to tell if your cat has a fever

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Pet owners tend to treat their animals as another member of the family, so it makes sense that they would look after their pet’s health, too. Cats are very independent animals, but they still need attention, especially when they get sick. Here’s how to spot if your beloved kitty has a fever.

Know the cat fever symptoms

It helps to know what to look for before determining that your cat has a fever. Unlike humans, cats won’t get a warm forehead or start telling you they feel feverish. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for signs such as changes in behavior, personality, and eating habits. Other telltale signs that something is wrong include diarrhea and vomiting.

Take the cat’s temperature

Once you suspect that something is wrong, it’s time to take your cat’s temperature. Grab a digital thermometer, sanitize it, and coat it in a lubricant that’s safe for cats. A water-based or petroleum-based lubricant, such as Vaseline, should do just fine. Next, position your cat on the floor or a table, wrapping one arm around them and being as calm and comforting as possible. You’ll need to take their temperature by inserting the thermometer about one inch into their rectum. Keep it at a 90-degree angle and wait for it to register a temperature (this usually takes a minute or two).

Alternatively, you could use an ear thermometer, following the package directions, but this is not as effective as a rectal temperature reading. While a human’s normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, a cat’s is 101.4. Anything above 103 or under 99 warrants a vet’s attention.

When in doubt, visit the vet

The main goal is to keep your kitty healthy and happy, and this means regular visits to the vet. A professional is your best resource for diagnosing your cat with a fever or another medical issue.

Still unclear on how to tell if your cat has a fever

If your still unsure and feel like you need more information to know what to do, take a look online there are more resources. To start use the simple approach first get familiar with the symptoms of cat fever like a warm forehead or changes in behavior. Use a thermometer to take their temperature and get the right kind of lubricant, treat your cat with love. If that’s a bad route there are also ear thermometers but nothing can beat going to the vet for a final answer. Share this with someone if you think it will help them out, and share with us if you know a better way to tell if your cat has a fever by commenting below.

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