How to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

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Cats are wonderful pets but it can be hard to tell if they are happy if you don’t have a lot of experience with them. Because cats are so independent, people aren’t always sure whether the cats like them. They are very different from dogs but they show their happiness in other ways.

If you have a pet cat, there are signs of happiness to look for. As you get to know each other, you will pick up on its behavior. One thing is for sure; you will know when your cat is unhappy. Cats can growl, hiss, and even show their claws. Continue reading to know when your cat is happy.

Your Cat Greets You

If your cat comes to greet you in the morning or when you get home at the end of the day, it might run and rub against your legs. Cats will start with their necks and rub the whole way to their tail. If your cat does this, it is a sign that it is happy.

Most of the time, this behavior is accompanied by purring, which is a sure sign that your cat is happy and content. You will also notice it holding its tail straight up in the air. You might even notice your cat talking to you when you come in the house. This is a sure sign that it is happy to see you.

Your Cat Sleeps Near You

When you have a happy cat, it will curl up and sleep in the room with you. It might have a favorite spot on the back or a chair or under a table but you will always see it when you are around. If you change rooms, you will notice that your cat comes with you and finds a special spot in that room as well.

Cats that are unhappy hide away and you will rarely spot them. You might not see the cat for most of the day. You will notice that your cat seems to be hiding and is unwilling to come out. You will want to figure out what has changed. Maybe there is someone new in the house or a new pet.

Your Cat Has a Good Appetite

Cats have a good appetite most of the time. When you feed your cat, it will likely come running and have a bite or two. This is a sign of a happy cat. If you notice that you pour the food and your cat looks uninterested, this is a bad sign. Your cat might not be feeling well or it might be upset by something in the home. You will want to pay attention to this behavior to try to determine why it isn’t interested in the food.

When you have cats, the best way to know that they are happy is to see them acting like themselves. Happy cats will be happy to see you when you wake up or return home from work. They will also get excited when you feed them. Cats are always game for a treat, and they will talk to you and purr. They rub up against your legs and purr or make noise.

It is easy to tell when a cat is unhappy because you won’t see the cat. The cat might hide away under a bed or in some remote place in the home. It will not be interested in eating and it will not greet you. These are sure signs that your cat is unhappy so you will want to get to the bottom of it.

Cats are generally happy unless you bring something that they don’t like into the home. Although they can develop friendships with other pets, cats are slow to warm up to new people or animals. Pay attention to how your cat behaves and you will always know if it is happy.

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