How to Tell If Your Dog Is Sick

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Your dog may not be able to speak to you to let you know it isn’t feeling well, but there are a few ways that you will know. Keep an eye out for any behavioral changes because this is a sure sign that something is amiss. When you are able to pick up on warning signs early, you can often get your dog to the vet and get it the help it needs to recover.

Look for Behavioral Changes

If your dog is normally bouncing off the walls to go for a walk, but it doesn’t get up when you take out its leash, there is probably something wrong. Your dog may just look uninterested. Maybe your dog will pick its head up, but then put it back down. It might even give you a sad face. This is one way that dogs communicate that they aren’t feeling well.

It is a good idea to contact your vet if your dog is acting this way, or if your dog is suddenly very clingy. These can be signs of an illness that might need treatment.

You Notice Unexplainable Weight Change

Dogs normally hold their weight unless you reduce their food or increase their exercise. If your dog has the same amount of food and exercise, and you notice that it has suddenly gained or lost a lot of weight, this could be a symptom of an underlying illness. There may not be other symptoms, but you will want to check with your veterinarian because he or she can run tests to find out what is going on.

You Notice Appetite and Thirst Changes

Another way that dogs show that they aren’t feeling well is by losing interest in food and water. If you notice that your dog isn’t eating its food or drinking, this is a sign that your dog might be sick. Some dogs may not finish every meal, but they will usually finish it later. You are looking for a distinct change in your dog’s eating habits. In addition, if your dog is suddenly drinking a lot of water, this could also be a sign of illness. If you notice any appetite or thirst changes, you should call your vet.

Dogs may not be able to speak up when they aren’t feeling well, but they have other ways of communicating to people. If you notice your dog acting out of the ordinary, you should call your vet.

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