How to Tell If Your Face Is Symmetrical

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Sometimes people look in the mirror, and they see something that makes them think that their faces are not symmetrical. Maybe they notice that their eyes don’t seem to line up perfectly, or they might think that one ear is higher than the other. Symmetrical is a word that describes features that line up perfectly. Asymmetry is when there are discrepancies. Nearly everyone has some asymmetry, but some people have more than others. If you want to know whether your face is symmetrical, try the ideas below.

Step One: Take a Photograph of Your Face

You can take a photograph of your face and examine it to determine if your face is symmetrical. You should mark the following features:

  • The top center of your forehead
  • The bottom of your chin
  • The crease on each side of your eyes
  • The far side of your lips on both sides
  • The widest point of your face on each side
  • The widest part of your nose on each side.

These are the major points that you will take a closer look at. You can include your ears if you wish, as well as any other parts of your face. The key is to determine the distances between your features.

Step Two: Get a Ruler

Now that you have marked up your photograph, you can use a ruler to determine if your face is symmetrical. Try to make a perfectly level line between various points. You can draw a line down the center of your face, and use the ruler to measure.

Measure from the outside of your eye to the inside of each eye, and check to see if they are the same. Then measure from the outside of your eye to the center line, and check to see if it is the same on each side. You can also measure from the outside of your lip on each side to the center, and follow this through the rest of the measurements.

You should also draw a line across your face from the widest part. Now you can make sure that your eyes are each the same distance above the line. You can check this with your lips and your nose as well. If the measurements are identical, your face is symmetrical. If there are minor differences, you may be slightly asymmetrical, or your picture may be causing the difference. This is a great way to find out how symmetrical your features are on your face.

Step Three: Use an App

There are actually apps that can tell you if your face is symmetrical. Many of them are free, and it is only a matter of uploading a picture. The app will do everything you can do with a photo and a ruler, and it will give you more detailed information. It will analyze and evaluate your face for you.

The problem with apps is that they will give you other information. They may define how attractive you are based on their results. It might be easy to take this too seriously, when in fact a computer has very little ability to determine what your best qualities are. You can actually have an asymmetrical face, which most people do, and be very attractive.

In most cases, an asymmetrical face is a part of what makes each person unique, and it is simply interesting to note how asymmetrical your face is. However, if you have greater asymmetry that is caused by an injury, skin damage, or tooth decay, there are treatments that can help. You can get fillers for your cheeks if one is bigger than the other. You can also balance out muscle weakness and other things of that nature. There are many forms of plastic surgery that people do to make their faces more symmetrical.

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