How to Tell If Your Hamster Is Happy

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A hamster is often a child’s first pet and children will want to know how to tell if their little friend is happy. Hamsters might spend a lot of the day sleeping but they can be active and they do have personalities. In fact, studies have been done that show that hamsters’ moods are elevated when they have clean bedding, certain items to chew on, and other toys and accessories. The question is “How do we know?”

Although you can’t conduct scientific tests to determine the hamster’s mood at home, you can learn the signs that show that hamsters are happy and content. You just need to understand more about their behavior. Continue reading to learn how to tell if your hamster is happy.

Spend Time Getting to Know Your Hamster

As is the case with most pets, every hamster is a little different. When you first bring your hamster home, take some time to get to know it. You will learn its habits and mannerisms, and you will get an idea of what it is like when it is content. Be gentle and slow in your movements so that it is comfortable with you. Once you get to know each other, you will start to build a bond.

Once you and your hamster are acquainted, you will have a better idea of how it feels. If it comes to greet you, you will know that it is happy. If you put your hand in the cage and it hops on, you will know that it trusts you and is comfortable with you. If it flattens its body, runs away, or squeals, this is a sign that it is afraid and you need to spend more time getting to know each other.

Offer Nutritious Snacks

Another way to know if your hamster is happy is to have nutritious snacks for it. You will feed it and it should eat regularly. Hamsters do have a fast metabolism and you need to feed it every day. You can offer it some hamster treats and if it is happy, it will likely take them from your hand.

If you notice that your hamster isn’t eating or looks lethargic, it might not be feeling well. You should be sure to investigate further. Hamsters are nocturnal so it will usually eat at night. If you notice that it isn’t eating, make sure that it has a clean cage and fresh water. When your hamster does something out of the ordinary, this tells you that it is not happy and it is worth taking time to figure it out.

Make Sure That It Enjoys its Environment

You should provide a cage that has a lot of space so that your hamster can move around. If you have tunnels and a wheel, it will make your hamster happy. You will know that your hamster is happy if you see it using the cage and the toys that you provide.

Hamsters enjoy having chew sticks and places to hide. You can provide cozy little tunnels as well. You can also get your hamster a hamster ball that it can use outside the cage. Your hamster will be inside and it will roll around the room as it walks inside the ball. If your hamster is happy, it will use these objects and explore its environment.

Hamsters are naturally curious and active, especially at night. They enjoy running through tunnels, using the exercise wheel, and eating treats. Once you know your hamster, you will know its normal demeanor. As long as you see it acting the same day after day, you can be confident that it is happy.

If you see your hamster looking lethargic or if it isn’t interested in food and water, this might warrant a call to your vet. Pay attention to your little friend and it will enjoy life in your home.

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