How to Tell If Your Lawn Needs Lime

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People add lime to their lawns to bring out that lush green color. The process of using lime can help your grass to be stronger and healthier. Lime can change the pH balance of your soil and bring back nutrients that have been depleted. It can also repair damage that your grass has suffered. Lime is not a quick fix because it can take quite some time to show the effects. People use it at scheduled times to keep their lawns green and healthy. If you haven’t been using lime, you may want to know when to use it. Read on to learn the signs that your lawn needs lime.

Do a Soil Test

Lime changes the pH of your soil and adds important nutrients back in to nourish your grass. You can have a soil test done that will tell you the pH level of your soil. Ideally, you will want the pH level to be between 6.2 and 7.0 because this is ideal for a lawn. You can add lime if your soil is not within the range.

Certain types of soil are naturally more acidic, so it is important to know what type of soil you have. For example, sandy soil is acidic because it can’t hold its pH on its own. It needs lime added throughout the year. Clay soil also needs lime, but it will hold it longer, so you won’t need to add it as frequently. Regular soil will become acidic over time because of the decomposition of organic matter. Know what type of soil you have and it will help you know when your lawn needs lime.

Your Grass Is Losing its Color and Strength

You might notice that your grass is starting to turn yellow and lose its color. In times with less rainfall, you might notice that the grass has trouble recovering from the heat and lack of water. It may not look as strong. If you notice any of these symptoms, your lawn probably needs some lime.

Lime will give it the boost it needs to recover and thrive again. The healthier and better nourished your grass is, the more prepared it is to handle tough summer conditions of heat. You can add lime in the spring to help prepare it for the summer, and you will want to add it again in the fall. This type of schedule will help to make sure that your grass is able to get through the summer without losing too much color or strength.

You Notice Weeds and Moss Taking Root

Weeds and moss love acidic soil, and they can take over your lawn quite quickly. The appearance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use lime, but it is an indication that your pH in the soil is too high. Weeds and moss love acidic soil, and they thrive in these conditions. In addition, you might notice that your fertilizer isn’t doing much. Fertilizer doesn’t work well in acidic soil.

When you add lime to your lawn, it will make the pH more balanced, and the soil will not be as acidic. This will help to create an environment that is not as friendly to weeds and moss. You will be able to use fertilizer on your lawn again, and you will see the results when your grass starts to grow and is strong and healthy.

Doing a lime treatment on your lawn can help it to be healthier and stronger. Most lawns benefit greatly from this kind of treatment. The best way to know if your lawn needs a lime treatment is to test the soil. You can also look for signs and plan regular treatments based on your soil type. If you get ahead of the game, your lawn can always be lush and green.

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