How to tell if your mac computer has been hacked

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Apple computers are known for being sturdy and persistently protected against hacks and viruses. Still, it isn’t unheard of to hear about hackers getting into Mac computers. Here’s how to tell if your Mac has been hacked.

Be on the lookout for slow programs and applications

You’ve probably been using your Mac for a while now, so you know which programs should open up right away. If you notice that applications and folders are taking much longer than usual to start up, keep this in mind as a red flag.

Moreover, if any applications or programs start up without you prompting them to open, this is another sign of a potential hack.

Your passwords aren’t working

If your Apple ID or any passwords that you set are no longer working, you can assume that your computer has been hacked. You might also get error messages when trying to log into your email or other online accounts.

Regularly run antivirus scans

Yes, it can be annoying to do regular antivirus scans, but these checkups can keep your computer in good shape. Some viruses, such as the Trojan virus, disguise themselves as harmless programs, but are actually hackers that can access your computer files.

You see changes to your files that you didn’t authorize

Mac computers are pretty good about asking for an Apple ID and password before a user can make certain changes. If you notice that some of your file contents have changed or that you have different programs and files on your computer, you might have been hacked.

If you suspect that your Mac computer has been hacked, quickly change any passwords that you still can. De-authorize your social media apps and do an antivirus scan. You should also have two-step verification on all of your accounts. Do these things now so you won’t have to worry about them later!

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