How to tell if your phone has a virus

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We rely on our smartphones for so many things but we sometimes forget that these handheld devices are just as susceptible to viruses as computers. Here’s how to tell if your smartphone has a virus.

The phone is quickly running out of data

If you notice that your phone is uncharacteristically running low on data, it could be that something else is using all of it up. Malware can run a lot of programs and communications in the background without you even knowing it so keep an eye on data usage.

Along the same lines, if your phone’s battery is rapidly losing juice, this could be another sign that a virus is running on your device.

Your phone apps keep crashing

Yet another way to tell if your smartphone has a virus is if a lot of your apps keep crashing. You can try installing the latest app update and seeing if the problem persists.

Moreover, if you keep getting strange-looking pop-up ads, this should alert you that something might be running on your phone without you knowing it. This is especially suspicious if you’ve never really experienced pop-ups before. Just be sure not to click them!

You notice unusual apps and payments

Did you get charged for an app or service that you never signed up for? Be sure to look into it because malware and viruses are great at disguising themselves as legitimate applications. You should always look at your smartphone’s payments to ensure that there isn’t anything on there that you didn’t authorize. A common culprit is a strange payment history related to text messages.

Staying ahead of phone viruses is all about being aware of the charges attributed to your device as well as which applications you are downloading. Be on the lookout for any apps, payments, or lags that seem out of the ordinary.

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