How to tell if your phone is tapped by police

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No one wants to think that there are other people spying on his or her phone conversations or text messages. Still, if you suspect that your phone is being tapped, here’s how to find out for sure.

Listen for background noise

Be attentive while talking on the phone and keep an ear out for any static or background noises. These could be signs that there’s a wiretap on your phone and others are listening in. In addition, you can sit or stand near other devices while talking on your phone to get other hints. For instance, some wiretaps will crackle when the phone is near an FM radio frequency.

Your phone might even make noise when you’re not using it to make a call. Carefully listen to see if there are any pulses, beeps, or clicking noises that emanate from your phone while it’s not in use. This can be a sign that someone has tapped it.

Pay attention to your phone’s battery

If you need to constantly charge your phone when before you didn’t need to, this could signal that there’s a wiretap application running in the background of your phone’s programs. Moreover, if your phone battery gets overheated easily, this could be another sign that it’s being tapped.

Ensure that you’re in control of your phone

Sometimes phones that are tapped will perform random tasks or functions without their owners prompting those commands. If your phone won’t shut down or turn on properly or you notice that applications are running that you didn’t authorize, this could mean that someone is controlling your phone from a remote location.

You might see strange charges and payments on your phone bill for SMS and other apps that you didn’t authorize. This is yet another red flag.

Any phone can be wiretapped and you’re especially susceptible if you regularly leave your phone out in the open without your supervision.

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