How to tell if you’re in love

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Love is complex and it can make you do some crazy things. Here are a few common indicators of being in love that most psychologists agree on.

You become a bit obsessive

This doesn’t mean that you become a stalker or creep but when you’re in love, you want to spend all of your time with that special someone. You think about him or her all the time and you find connections between your day-to-day life and the attributes of that person. To your friends, you might be obsessive but to you, you’re simply in love.

You notice all of his or her positive traits

Being in love is similar to seeing someone through rose-colored glasses. While this euphoric state of mind can last anywhere from days to weeks to months, it eventually starts to fade. During this phase, you notice everything that’s wonderful about this person while downplaying his or her flaws.

You want to be the best you can be for him or her

When you’re in love, you constantly want to put your best face forward for this person. He or she inspires you to take better care of yourself, to go after your passions, and to see the good in everything. When you’re with this special someone, you feel as if you are your best self.

You picture your future with this person

You start imagining your future life with this individual. You might think about spending holidays or special occasions together or even what your kids might be like. When you’re in love, you have a hard time picturing your future without this other person being present.

You’re willing to compromise

There’s something about being in love that makes you be less self-serving and more willing to go with what the other person wants to do. While this can be a great thing, you both also need to maintain your distinct personalities and interests.

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