How to Tell If Zebra Yeezys Are Fake

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It is important to be able to tell whether Zebra Yeezys are real because they are expensive. If you spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes, you deserve to get the shoes you are paying for. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that you are buying Kanye West’s sneakers and not a knock-off. You should pay attention to the details of the box, the shoes, and any receipt that is included. Read on to determine whether your Zebra Yeezys are fake.

Examine the Box

The box can reveal whether your Zebra Yeezys are fake. First, you should look at the barcode. This is the place where most counterfeiters make a mistake. If you can take the barcode and do a Google search, you will find the size and color associated with this barcode. 95% of fakes get the barcode wrong so this is a great way to find out if your shoes are authentic or not. When you search it, you will find out what size the shoes should be and what color they are. If you type in the barcode and you get back a different color, multiple sizes, or random links, you can be pretty sure that the shoes are fake.

Check Out the Zebra Yeezy Size Tag

You should look at the size tag inside the shoe. If you look at the real size tag, you will notice that the letters and numbers are evenly spaced. The size and thickness of the letters is consistent, and the information is proportionately distant from the edges. The fake shoes will have tags with uneven letters, inconsistent tone and font, and they may be touching or cut off on the edge of the material. You will be able to look at the tag and know that it is low-quality and a poor copy of the tag.

Look at the Sneakers

When you look at the sneakers, start with the opening where your foot goes in. It will be too wide on the fake shoes. In addition, you can look at the tongue. The authentic shoe will fit and have room for your foot without a lot of extra material whereas the fake shoe will be open and wide, and the tongue will not sit evenly on your foot.

You can also look at the sole of the shoe and you will notice that it is different on the fakes. There are circles with stripes and the stripes are even and straight on the authentic shoes. In addition, the pattern is uniform on the authentic shoes and it is randomized on the fakes.

You should take a look at the insole as well. You will see the words adidas and Yeezy with an adidas symbol in the middle. The print is faded on the fake shoes. You will see that the “d” in adidas has a fat circle and the “Z” in Yeezy might be the wrong length. In addition, the trefoil logo might have rounded corners in the fake shoes.

The lettering will always look different on the fakes and it will usually be a lower quality. Counterfeiters spend most of their time trying to replicate the design and general details of the shoe, which is why they do not pay attention to the details. Any lettering reveals a lack of precision that gives the shoe away as a fake.

When you look at the shoes, you need to start with the barcode on the box if possible. This will reveal most of the fakes because the barcode should tell you the size and color with a quick Google search. Next, you should examine the size tag because it can reveal whether or not the shoe is fake. Authentic Zebra Yeezys will have uniform printing that is evenly spaced. If it looks unprofessional, it probably is fake. Finally, check the shoe itself.

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