How to Tell If a Basketball Card Is Rare

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Sometimes people find an old set of basketball cards in the attic or the garage, or they might pick up a stack at a yard sale. There could be rare cards lurking inside of the pile. Rare basketball cards can be quite valuable, so you will want to know what you have. Whether you plan to keep the cards because you want to collect them or you are considering making a sale, it is important to know what you have. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a basketball card is rare.

Look the Card up Online

One way to find out if a basketball card is rare is to look it up online. There are numerous websites where you can enter the card’s information and find out what it is worth. The more rare your card is, the more valuable it will be. There are certain cards that are more rare than others, and those are the ones you will want to find.

The condition of the cards matter. If they are in mint condition, they will be more valuable and rare. You should make sure that they are not creased and have no stains. No matter how rare your card is, it isn’t worth as much if it isn’t in good condition. Make sure that the card is in good condition, and then go to a website that allows you to enter the information on the card to find out how rare it is and what it is worth.

Check to See If it Is a Rookie Card

Basketball cards are valuable because people like to collect them. One of the prizes is the rookie card, especially for a famous player. You will find Rookie written on the bottom of rookie cards, and the player’s name is on the top. Look up the player to find out if this is a valuable card. This card still needs to be in good condition, and it is more valuable if it happens to have an autograph on it.

If you have a rookie card, you should consider holding onto it. Sometimes they become valuable later on as well. You need to look these cards up to make sure that they are worth something. Remember that the older the card is, the more likely that it has value.

Check to See If the Card Has a Low Print Run

If you are able to find a card with a low print run, it is more rare by nature. This means that they made fewer of this card when it was printed. If the card has a serial number, you can normally see the print run stamped right on the card. Any card with a 25 print run or less is more rare than other cards.

You should also look for authentic autographs. If the card is from 2000 or more recent, then it will be certified. If it isn’t, you can get it certified. This can be an expensive process, so it isn’t always worthwhile. However, if you have a card that you know is fairly rare, and it has an autograph on it, it can be worth your time and money to have it authenticated. The key to rare basketball cards is to find those that aren’t as widely circulated. If they are a hot item, they will have some value. The best way to find out is to look up the value online. You can find out how rare the card is and what it is worth.

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